What Turns a Good Thing Into a Disaster?

Kristyna Zapletal
2 min readDec 16, 2021

Picture this.

Something good has just happened to you.

I mean, really good.

A dream come true, you might dare to say.

At first, you’re ecstatic.

I made it!

It works.

My wishes have been heard at last.

Thank you, God!

Thank you, Universe!

So you celebrate.

You rejoice.

You share the good news with the whole world.

And then…

One seemingly feeble thought creeps into your mind.

Isn’t this too good to be true?

You hesitate for just an innocent split of a second.

But soon she invites the entire gang of other similar doubts.

Am I capable enough?

Am I worthy of this?

Will I be disappointed?

Will I disappoint others?

And once doubts seize hold of your entire mental space, the path is clear for FEAR to take the stage in full armor.

Since that moment, there’s no point of return.

To your absolute horror, things start falling apart.

At first slowly, and then all at once.

And I know that you know what’s the lesson here.

When something good happens to you, allowing fear to enter your mind is like celebrating abstinence by drinking up a bottle of vodka.

Doubts are fear.

And fear attracts just what we’re afraid of.





Money shortage.




What am I trying to say?

When life gives you a gift, don’t spit on it by being afraid.

Live with courage.

Or don’t bother.

By Kristyna Zapletal Entrepreneur Coach — who helps entrepreneurs, freelancers, and artists build the extraordinary life they’ve always wanted, without giving up on their mental health ♡