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It’s 2020 and it seems that if you don’t meditate or do yoga, your existence is doomed. Among all the hype and the multi-billion business, though, something important is being lost. Meditation is not meant to be learned arduously. It is a natural state of mind and body if only we give it a chance to work as it should be.

To breathe steadily in a state of deep relaxation doesn’t compare to climbing K2 or completing an ultramarathon race, but there lies the chief paradox: the easiest things are often the hardest to follow. We don’t trust simple.


A humble manifesto for the lone wolves of entrepreneurship.

In September 2019, more than 7 million people around the globe participated in the Global Climate Strike, possibly the largest environmental strike of our history, demanding:

“…complete phase-out of fossil fuels, the end of burning and deforestation in the Amazon rainforest and Indonesia, and an immediate transition towards just and equitable 100% renewable energy”.

In November, Collins Dictionary named climate strike the word of the year.

Why doesn't Medium protect its writers?

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Back in 2015, one writer here on Medium stole two of my articles and published them as his own. At first, Medium staff didn’t react to my emails, and only after I documented the whole case in a public post, was I recommended to file a DMCA notice for the posts to be taken down:

The person, however, has not been punished in any way and a few years later, he has amassed 154k+ followers of his (?) writing.

The lesson here? Stealing on Medium may ultimately pay off if you're bold enough.

Yesterday, I found out that…

Relationships Smart Not Hard: 11 Simple Hacks to Become a More Likeable Individual
Relationships Smart Not Hard: 11 Simple Hacks to Become a More Likeable Individual
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When people enjoy your presence, you glide through life as easily as a hot knife through melted butter.

At the same time, likeability is by far not a gift from heaven; it’s a finely honed skill derived from your willingness to make small daily efforts towards other humans.

If you’ve clicked on this article, you most likely understand the importance of it. Solitude can be a wonderful thing. At times. But we were born as social animals and by the dictate of the laws of nature, we need each other for survival. Whether one likes it or not.

Undergoing an…

Let’s start getting ready for the new writing season.

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Mind that going viral in the digital age doesn’t necessarily mean being read (meaning the old-school “word by word and sentence by sentence”) by as many people as possible. The attention span of internet users has become so alarmingly short that you can call yourself lucky if a person who clicks on your article skims the headline, the title image, and a few sentences below.

Going viral merely means scoring a massive number of social shares.

Then, naturally, we must ask: What motivates a person to share a piece of your…

On the extreme resiliency of a human being and the real challenge of being an entrepreneur.

The difference between a mistake and a failure is this:

A mistake makes you stronger.

A failure makes you weaker.

When you make a mistake, you can use the occasion to learn, to improve yourself, and avoid a similar, or worse, situation in the future.

When you stop learning, you fail.

It’s really up to us to decide. Was it a mistake, a setback? A bad one, yet temporary? Is there something good that it has taught you? Is it worth it to keep going?

Or is it over? Is it that you don’t want to learn, to grow anymore…

On the delicate matter of helping without shaming.

Money is not everything… until you don’t have it. Until you are unable to provide your child with what they deserve. Until you can’t afford the right medical care. Until you know the taste of hunger. Until you must look someone in the eye and ask them for help.

“Money is very important. Especially when you don’t have a single penny.”

~ Erich Maria Remarque

The holiday season is approaching by leaps and bounds, and it’s the time of the year when most people lean towards more charitable behavior than throughout the rest of the year. …

Let’s talk about how being a woman is great and beautiful for once.

Art by: Mia Ohki

Many people (men and women alike) would roll their eyes these days when hearing the #MeToo movement mentioned in a conversation.

Such a reaction is quite understandable if we look at the surface of things. If we dare to look beneath it, we will see that we aren’t rolling our eyes at a ‘movement’ (which, indeed, may have taken various undesirable turns at times) but at individual stories of real women.

Recently, I heard someone say, quite dreamingly: “Everybody remembers their first kiss.” It made me think about mine. And then I did remember. My first “real” kiss!

I was…

Discover online tools that will help you market yourself and finally make some real money.

With new generations of smartphones being churned out every couple of months, boasting progressively better and sharper cameras, we’ve all become photographers of sorts. Often as frequently as several times a day, we post our oeuvres d’art all over the internet. Yet, only a few of us know how to generate hard cash out of it or use the hundreds of photos we constantly take for a serious promotion of our personal or professional efforts.

If you wish to put your pictures to use, besides sharing them with your friends on social networks, you have essentially 3 options:

  1. Build a…

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Our social interactions basically fall into two categories: those who leave us charged with extra energy and those who leave us drained.

Often it’s the person themselves who acts either as an energy-giver or an energy-sucker; sometimes it’s us who create an experience of communicating with a particular person in a way that it leaves us emotionally or physically exhausted.

We all have friends, colleagues, or family members who possess the exquisite ability to cast a dark shadow on any moment we may be sharing together. For some reason, we can’t or don’t want to remove them from our lives…

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