15 “Guilt-Free” Mental Health Boosters You Should Try Today

Kristyna Zapletal
8 min readOct 19, 2021

This is not a “take a bath and hug a tree” post. This is a “f*ck it, I matter” one. It’s not about supercharging your productivity, it’s not about breaking your bad habits, and it’s definitely not about achieving a six-figure success. It’s about being selfish enough to look after that fairly important object in your little universe — you. Starting today.

Why is being selfish a good thing? Well, for starters — you can’t help others if you don’t help yourself first. That’s an old one but still gold. A slightly more polished version says that you can’t love others if you aren’t able to love yourself. Now, you may object that you keep doing things for others because you’re a caring, generous, polite, and yes, loving, person. But if we’re completely honest with ourselves, saying ‘yes’ to something we don’t want to do is often based on ‘I don’t want to be disliked, disapproved, or rejected.’ That fear is real.

Good vibes attract good vibes. Bad vibes attract bad vibes. Your mental wellbeing is not only responsible for the health of your whole body (!) but also for attracting the very things you want in your life. And while it can be quite a complex and sometimes even painful and tedious process, you can start by trying out one of the things listed below, to offer yourself some love, weed out unwanted guilt, and mostly, reduce the pressure that is crushing you.

1. Tap “Cancel Meeting” and your life will thank you.

This one can be tricky in a corporate or business environment, but for the sake of your mental health, push yourself to cancel at least some of the meetings that do nothing but prey on your soul.

As far as your personal life goes, it takes a little practice to say ‘no’ to events you really don’t want to go to, but a good friend understands and a bad friend can go.

2. Get rid of clothes that don’t fit and have a happy day.

It’s a common practice — especially among women — to keep smaller-size pants or dresses in the closet as a motivator to lose weight.

Now, first, the only force behind losing (or gaining) weight should be your health, both physical and mental.